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  I have a large selection of bloodlines to choose from depending on your individual preferences and personal tastes. All of my dogs are bred with one goal in mind, to produce a working dog that will be second to none. Power, courage, stamina and temperament are very important traits in a working dog. With each new generation of dogs I breed, I strive to produce a healthy, sound, athletic dog, capable of doing a hard days work on the farm or ranch.

And if that is not enough, I also demand that my dogs have an attitude and mental toughness that will enable them to be trained to a level where they can compete with some of the best working dogs in the world. To achieve these goals, a dog must be trainable and must want to work as a team with their handler. A winning attitude is the final piece of the puzzle needed in an outstanding work or field trial dog and I take it very seriously. Let me help you find or train your next best friend, farm dog, or field trial champion. 


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